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Workplace Assessment & Rehabilitation…Fitting the worker to the job... suiting the job to the worker… adapting the workplace to the person

Worksite Assessments Ltd. provide workplace and workstation assessment and rehabilitation services to assist a safe, efficient and sustainable return to work for an injured person.

We aim to promote healthy workplaces which allows for people to function effectively in their jobs.

Worksite Assessments

A worksite assessment is a comprehensive analysis of a person and their working environment, including:

  • The tasks required to do the job
  • The physical movements, forces and positions necessary to the job
  • A person’s manner of moving and positioning themselves to do their job
  • Any relevant social or environmental factors that may influence the manner in which the person does their job, impacting on their performance

Office Workstation Assessments

A workstation assessment is an analysis of how a person is using a single working area or desk.

Why do a Workstation/ Workplace Assessment?

Before injury occurs, an assessment will assess if a worker has an optimum workplace or workstation and has good work practices. This of course will help prevent future problems.

If an injury has already happened, the workstation/ workplace assessment can help identify the factors contributing to pain and discomfort. Strategies can then be put into place to help fix the problem. These include:

  • Modifications to the workstation- these are done ‘on the spot’ if practical. If not, specific instructions regarding what needs to be done to make the workstation ideal are provided.
  • Education on good posture and healthy work practices- even the best set-up workstations won’t ‘work’ if someone has poor posture and does not have good work habits! Problems can be identified and instruction given in how to correct these. Exercises and stretches are frequently provided to help the person work and feel better.
  • Equipment prescription- when equipment is required for optimum workstation set-up, specific product details will be provided.

How long will the Assessment take?

This is variable ranging from a simple assessment of 20-30 minutes up to approximately 2 hours for a complex assessment. The length of time spent will depend on:

  • whether the person is experiencing any problems with the workstation, and the extent of these,
  • how well or poorly the workstation is set up to begin with
  • whether extensive modifications are performed at the time
  • the number of workstations/ work areas which need to be looked at

How much will an Assessment cost?

Costs will be discussed at the time of arranging the assessment and will depend on where the appointment is to be held, whether follow up is required after and the type of report required by the company or organisation.
Costs can be discussed when you ring to schedule the appointment.

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