Functional Capacity Assessments

The FCE Process

A sequenced range of 20 – 60 tests are applied. These are:

  • Questionnaires and Interview about the history of injury and recovery to date.
  • Standard physical assessment
  • Mobility and movement
  • Strength – isometric and dynamic
  • Material Handling – indications of physical work ability
  • Fitness Testing – ability for physical work

The actual number of tests will vary according to injury and ability.

The equipment

The equipment is mainly computer monitored. The advantages of this are…

  • Accuracy – the results are an accurate record of achievement
  • More tests can be done to provide a more accurate picture of physical and work ability
  • The manner of testing can be assessed as well as what was achieved
  • The relationship between pain and physical exertion is rated throughout the assessment


The FCE report is a concise document. The patient’s achievements and problems are documented and the assessor’s opinion is made on the data gathered.

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