What you can expect from us. . .

We provide an efficient and professional service which incorporates:

Experienced assessors

Assessments are done by an experienced occupational therapist or physiotherapist. All assessors are clinically experienced in providing workplace assessments and rehabilitation services.

Efficient referral system

Simply phone, fax or email your referral. We will phone you on receipt of the referral to discuss any specific requests in more detail if required. Assessors are available to provide phone advice re your referral free of charge.

Fast response time

We recognise that a speedy response to your referral is crucial to a smooth return to work. In most cases your worksite visit will be done within 1 to 3 days of the referral (additional time may be required in rural or difficult to access regions, and may also depend on the availability of the worker).

Fast modifications

Modifications to work methods and practices which can be made immediately on site are done during the assessment. Any factors which require follow up will be promptly attended to following the assessment.

‘On the job’ retraining

Our experience in functional assessment and rehabilitation allows us to recognise problems and show the worker how to adapt their work habits to make a safer working environment.

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